How to find a swimsuit you feel good in?

The ultimate guide to swimsuit shopping.

Do you hate swimwear shopping? Do you leave feeling upset or hating your body when you shop for swimwear? Follow these tips for swimwear shopping to make finding a swimsuit fun and to find swimwear you feel good in.

Time of day matters. The best time to go shopping for swimwear is first thing in the morning when you feel fresher and are less prone to being bloated. A lot of women have problems with bloating after lunch and that is not going to help your mindset when shopping.

Look for supportive styles that are holding your breasts up and not letting them sag. If you are over 40 or have had 3 kids for example and everything has headed a bit south, going for a strapless number, or thin straps is not going to be lifting anything and giving you that much needed support. This will also make you feel more confident when you are well supported in that area.

That means that straps matter. If you are a C cup and above, then you need strong supportive straps. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for a plain strap though. You can go a supportive halter neck, X back style or some straps with detail. They just need to be wide enough and tight enough across the back to be holding everything up.

Want to hide the tummy area? If the tummy area is your concern, then the best styles are ones that have some ruching across the tummy area. A print is very good at hiding areas we want minimised. And where the top of the leg sits is important also. If you have a higher leg that is going to make the tummy area look smaller as opposed to a boy leg style.

Don’t skint on your swimwear if you want it to last. Do spend a bit more and go to stores such as Seafolly, who are great for getting a sales assistant to assist you with the fittings. Kmart swimwear is not going to be as good a quality as a higher end swimwear store and that’s because at the higher end store they have been designed for women with optimal support in mind.

Think outside the box. You don’t have to opt for a bikini or a one piece. These are not the only options. Tankinis, which were once for older ladies, are now coming out in some really on trend prints, styles and colours. They are so versatile as you can easily use the restroom while still covering up areas like the tummy.

If you want to just have more of a fashion swimsuit and only need it to last you the one season then by all means go for your cheaper brands such as k-mart and Shein but still follow my above tips for tummy coverage and straps.

If you are very prone to sunburn, then you may want to consider more of a covered swimsuit such as the one pictured with cap sleeves. You can still find these in on trend colours and prints.

And my most important tip of all? We all come in different shapes, sizes and skin colours. Don’t sit on the sidelines covering up your body. Jump in the water, feel the sun on your face, have fun and don’t focus so much on what you look like. I can guarantee you no one is focusing on your body in a swimsuit as much as you are yourself. I hope you can enjoy your swimwear shopping with confidence from these helpful tips. Let me know what you think?

Saasha is a personal stylist, based in Sydney, helping women feel good about their bodies. Saasha is helping women find their confidence through teaching them that style is for any women no matter what their size or age.

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