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Seasonal Colour Analysis

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Do you know your best colours? The colours that make you look younger, healthy and give you a glow to your skin.

If you find yourself reaching for the same black clothing every time you open your wardrobe then you would benefit from a colour analysis.

Have you ever had comments from someone saying you look tired today? That could be because that day you were wearing a colour that was not complimentary to your skin tone.

Did you know that wearing the right colours for your skin tone against your face can have an amazing impact on your skin. It makes fine lines and imperfections look less obvious, makes your eyes stand out and your hair look shiny.

Included in your consultation is colours you should wear in clothing, jewellery, makeup and hair colour.

Everyone has their WOW colours, let me help you find yours.

Price: $150 (60 minute session) ($20 travel fee if further than 20km away from Menai)

*Each client receives a report with your colour palette and a digital colour swatch.

Save by booking a colour and style consultation together for the price of $250. That’s a saving of $50.

Style Consultation

Services - Personal Stylist Sydney

Find out your body shape and how to dress to emphasize the parts of your body you love and hide the areas you’re not so comfortable with.

In your consultation we will discover which outfits compliment your body shape.

Knowing your body shape makes shopping both in store and online so much easier. You will be able to get a perfect fit each time you buy something.

This is a very personalised consultation to get the right styles to suit you. I want you to feel confident when you get dressed every day. Walking out the door feeling good about yourself in your choice of outfit.

Price: $150 (60 minutes) ($20 travel fee if further than 20km away from Menai)

*Each client receives a detailed report for your body shape with style inspiration so you can refer back each time after your consultation. You also get your correct measurements for online shopping.

 Save by booking a colour and style consultation together for the price of $250. That’s a saving of $50.


Wardrobe Makeover

Services - Personal Stylist Sydney

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but still have nothing to wear? I can help you declutter your wardrobe and create actual outfits that you will wear. After a wardrobe edit you will be able to choose outfits with ease.

What to expect from a wardrobe edit

  • A quick colour & body shape analysis so you know the best colours and styles to suit you
  • You and I will work as a team and transform your closet.
  • Create new looks out of existing pieces you already own
  • I recommend pieces that need altering or tailoring
  • Discard pieces that no longer serve you, you can either donate these to charity or sell online
  • Create a shopping list to update your wardrobe with essential items needed

At the end of the process you will have an uncluttered and totally wearable wardrobe.

I am happy to discard items for charity for a small fee of $25

Price: $250 for a 2 hour session (minimum) $80 for each additional hour ($20 travel fee if further than 20km away from Menai)

*You will receive a report with photos, that I take on the day, showing the outfits put together so you always have a reference to look back on. You also get a colour and body shape report.

Personal Shopping


Do you find yourself in any of these scenarios?

  • You don’t have time to shop? So you wander around aimlessly and then panic buy?
  • You feel confused when you get to the shops and are unsure what to buy
  • Do you often buy the same type of item again and again, so you have 5 tshirts all the same colour in your closet?
  • Are you unsure which brands suit your body shape?

If you want an effective shopping experience then I can help you.

What’s involved – I’ll email you a style consultation form to fill out so I can find out what you want to achieve from your shopping session then we can have a chat on the phone to get familiar with one another. In this chat I will determine where you like to shop and what brands you prefer.

I will email you feedback following our session including photos of looks we created on the day.

Please note – there is no obligation to buy and I get no kickbacks from any particular store. I am also a champion for lower budget brands so if you love to shop in target, for example, that’s no problem.

Follow up a colour or style consultation with a wardrobe edit or personal shop.

Prices $250 (2 hour shop) $330 (3 hour shop) – Double appointments are available so you can split the cost with a friend.

More Services

I also hold colour and style parties, upon request. Minimum 4 people. I charge $80 per person. Get the girls together for drinks and nibbles while learning all about how to use colour and the latest styles to get the very best out of your wardrobe or next shopping trip. Parties can be tailored to your groups style needs. Get in contact with me to find out more.

Have another service in mind?

I would be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Colour and style consultations take an hour.

Wardrobe edit starts at 2 hours. We need this time to really delve into the wardrobe, creating
outfits, culling and working out what serves your current lifestyle.

Personal shops I limit to around 2-3 hour sessions. Much longer than that and the client is usually getting a bit tired out.

For a colour consultation you can wear whatever you like as I provide a white cape to put on while we go through the colour drapes up against your face. I do however ask that your hair be off your face and that you are not wearing foundation so I can clearly see your skin tone.

For a styling session or wardrobe edit, I do ask that either a photo be provided prior to a styling session of the client in fitted clothing such as yoga attire or leggings etc. This means I can see your body shape clearly to determine what clothing is going to suit your body shape. I say to clients if they are not comfortable providing a photo, then wear this attire to our session. If a photo has been provided prior then whatever you feel comfortable in.

For a personal shop, comfortable clothes that you can move around in and easily change from, and back into in the change room. Also suggest flat shoes as we can do a lot of walking.

You can either pay directly into my bank account or pay cash on the day.

I get this question a lot! At the end of the day nothing is compulsory. I am not going to force you to wear anything you are not comfortable with. I am simply guiding you on what I know suits your skin tone or body shape. For example, I have a lot of women who don’t like to wear a certain green as it reminds them of their school uniform. No problem, we shall take that colour out of the equation and move onto what you do feel comfortable with. Same with any styles you are not comfortable with. At the end of a session I want you to feel empowered, comfortable, confident and happy with the choices.

I strongly encourage you to embrace and learn to dress for the shape you are right now. We are all different shapes and sizes and my sessions teach you how to love the body you are in and not spend your days looking back at an ideal weight that you may have been 10 years ago. This is very detrimental for confidence and feeling good about yourself. Also your body shape doesn’t actually change no matter what weight you are. If you are an hourglass at a size 10, you will still be an hourglass at a size 16. So the fundamental way to style yourself and your unique body doesn’t drastically change.

Absolutely not! A wardrobe edit is about making the most of what you already own. And making
informed shopping choices going forward. Minimising those ‘mistake’ buys and wasting money.
While I do encourage you to discard pieces that are really not working for you or are very worn out. I also help you create outfits out of existing pieces and also determine why your not wearing some items and suggest things like getting some items tailored so you will wear them. At the end of a session you have a clear list of gaps missing that you need to purchase and photos of outfits created out of what you own.

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