Best Swimsuits for body shape

Showing you the best styles currently out for each body shape. To flatter and enhance every body shape.

If you are not sure which swimsuit suits your body shape, this blog breaks it down for each of the five body shapes. All the swimsuits featured in this blog are currently for sale online for the 22/23 Summer season in Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully this makes it so much easier for you to shop for swimwear that you feel comfortable, confident and fabulous in.

I recommend Capriosca Swimwear for apple shapes. All pictures above are Capriosca.

Above swimwear is all from CupShe which has fabulous options for hourglass body shapes.

I recommend Next Online for Pear shaped bodies. All swimsuits above are Next.

The above are the best swimsuits for a Rectangle body shape. They are a mix of Seafolly and Sunseeker brands.

All above swimswear is from Boden which have perfect swimwear for a strawberry body shape.

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